Celestial Attic

by pOndeR

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man the false facts youve manufactured are daggers to the truth
feed me sweet things til cavities crack my bitter tooth

yes I

here i am, hear me out
clear in my theory may i start steering now
here i am, hear me out
clear in my theory may i start steering now

clear in my theory

resentful sinners sent to broaden horizons
but its all over when we realize this island is alive with
nevermind, forget i said it
ill just whistle until i win this war with a bit of leverage
the wind will mend the entrance to the pyramid when i spin the message
so my lips will let us in as the vexed kill, im a vessel
for the relevant measurements, ill settle for hell when i kiss the heavensent
a deadend in the presence of mesopotamia
when the president quits taming ya, when debts end and peasants
get paid enough, no way, not us

can you see what we redeem
or are we endlessly competing with a tv screen
pour me the green tea and bring me the product placement
warren G wasn't playin' when he dropped tha statement\\war and peace reinstated the post modern displacement
political lies shed light on the minimum trial requirements
scientists silence the cycle of the vinyl discs
turn violence into mild myths, circumvent the wild environment
that denies this crisis time to rely on with

while my team fights the sightseeing pirates they hide the sanctums for
circa 1984 to skateboard, to surf to escape the war
youve gotta assert yourself in order to be relatable, or relative
to relay the main event with a major pull, you can tell it is
intelligent, delivering the byproduct of weekend sensory development
sending skits to read to the kids who cling onto the mailing list
postmarked trips to italy, skippers hark the sailling ships
while quicker sharks skim the waters searching for their daily gift

it makes me sick, you gotta be kidding me man, get rid of the scam
stick to the plan, instead of the quickfix, glitter and glam
any specific epiphanies?, damn, with a pen in each hand
inching the distance,thisll be eventually infinitely grand

simply written practice the masochism, befriend an antagonist or growl in its face
and even though its a valiant display
pay attention to the ground when it shakes
place a mention on your calendar page,
the mason dixon will split the malice then wait

yes I

here i am, hear me out
clear in my theory may i start steering now
here i am, hear me out
clear in my theory may i start steering now

clear in my theory


released May 31, 2017
[Prod. By Distopia]



all rights reserved


pOndeR San Diego, California

[booking@pondertherhyhtm.com] \\ In a manner of speaking, speakingwith manners has long been forgotten. In an effort to integrate consciousultimatums and thought-provoking socialdynamics into a rhythmic rap medium, pOndeR goes toetotoe with preconceived standards using innovative literary syntax. Although a mouthful, every line compacts meaningful epiphanies and urbanmantras into a potentdelivery. ... more

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